Nofel Nofiardi : Bersuci Dengan Air Lebih Baik Dibanding Tisu

CATATAN, --- Dutch introduced the concept of hygiene to Minangkabau people around late eighteen. Rumah Gadang begun to have a special place for cooking and unusable clothes were disposed to keep the room clean and fresh. But I am not sure whether Dutch also introduced toilet paper or other materials. 

What I know is that Minangkabau people had embraced Islam before the coming of Dutch and religious Minangkabau probably had been familiar with the concept of taharah (hygienic concept based on Islamic teach). 

However, this point is not part of historian interest. The product of historian put more highlight on the positive influence of the Dutch.

Panic buying now occurs in some suburbs around here. it is difficult to find raw rice and toilet people, sorry toilet paper. Toilet paper shortage is now the main issue. I try to make a correlation and I come to a conclusion that to be hygienic is a priority. How about raw rice? 

We can make classification of what category of Australian who consume more rice.

Just now I just got back from my toilet. No toilet paper is available, just some napkin. Ha ha ha corona (issue) affects my routine. I remembered my conversation with one Australian in a cafe at the Healesville zoo. He asserted that Islamic way of hygiene by using water is better than toilet paper. I can't agree more. Alright, I think this is the right time to  shift from toilet paper into the running water. 

You may not put it as a faith reason, but just as an alternative of hygienic choices.(rel/014)